Gain points


XP is awarded for accomplishing various tasks while using Chef. Your XP score is displayed publicly on your profile and on the Chef leaderboards. You can use XP to monitor your own own progress, and to see how experienced other users are as well. When you accumulate enough XP you receive access to exclusive content such as behind the scenes videos, seasonal recipes and tips and tricks for around the kitchen. You can also redeem XP at our store to receive merchandise free of charge.


The XP breakdown is as follows:

Complete a course 10XP
Post a recipe 20XP

Favourite a recipe 1XP
Receive a favourite on one of your recipes 1XP
Vote on a recipe in a weekly challenge 2XP

Enter a weekly challenge 25XP
Earn 3rd place in a weekly challenge 250XP
Earn 2nd place in a weekly challenge 500XP
Earn 1st place in a weekly challenge 1000XP